Why farmers need agribusiness loans to grow


Farmers in Kenya can only be successful if their businesses are financially sound. Most farmers struggle in our economy because of lack of available credit in the form of agribusiness loans. The truth is that without these loans, it is almost impossible to independently succeed.

Agribusiness loans go a long way to boost our farmers’ ability to make their distinctive investments thrive even in a volatile economy where commodity prices are often under the pressure of unbridled inflation and price wars.

Agribusiness loans are a clear indicator that our farmers can actually look forward to greater yields because of their ability to use available financial resources to invest heavily on their farming activities.

The best way our farmers can get help is when they know that there’s someone who has their back covered; a financial institution that shares their pain and their sometimes volatile business journeys, and is willing to help them get to their business destination of choice.

At Sumac Microfinance Bank, the entire institution has given heavy resources towards ensuring farmers succeed in business. Sumac Microfinance Bank has over the years strengthened the Kilimo Loan to ensure farmers in any corner of the country can be able to access credit without the fear or rejection or a drawn-out process that doesn’t take into account their urgent financial needs.

Sumac Microfinance has ensured the Kilimo Loan is available within the processing period of 48 hours, and now farmers can look to the future with great optimism.

“We know this product will continue to be of great help to our farmers,” says Philip Kimani who is Sumac’s Business Development Manager. “That is why the opening of Githunguri branch was one of the strategic objectives to ensure we come closer to the farmer so we can address their needs with greater ease and involvement.”

Mr. Kimani, who is also the Branch Manager, Githunguri, adds that many farmers have in recent years run out of business because they didn’t get a credible and understanding financial partner. Many have either fallen by the wayside or have resorted to subsistence farming to feed their families on the threshold.

“But with the advent of Kilimo Loan from Sumac, these farmers can worry less about the money, and put more of their focus on better agribusiness farming methods to boost their yields,” Mr. Kimani says. “As you will notice, Sumac is here to stay, and we are here to help farmers grow. Are you one of them? Visit us today in any of our branches and see how we can be of help to you.”