Sumac CEO: Customer care is key to our success


Sumac Microfinance Bank has developed into one of the most successful Microfinance Banks in Kenya in the last one decade largely due to a professional and customer-sensitive approach.

The Bank is now a reputed lender and deposit-taking finance institution with a sizable share of the microfinance market in Kenya.

It has, however, taken not only a professional team to make Sumac a strong and credible entity, but it has also been due to a successful customer-care model.

“Sumac is not just an institution that lends and provides a safe and dependable deposit platform, but is also an institution that values the welfare of its clients,” says Mr. John Njihia, the CEO of Sumac Microfinance Bank Ltd.

He’s of the idea that financial institutions must consider quality customer care as a necessary prerequisite to a successful engagement in the marketplace.

“We have invested heavily in customer care because the customer is King, and the customer is always right,” says Mr. Njihia. “It is the customer that builds Sumac, that is why our emphasis on quality customer care is quite prominent. It is our conviction that when our customer is happy with our services, then our core objective as a financial institution has been achieved. We are not of any importance to the marketplace if we cannot service our customers properly. This is our calling and our mandate.”

Mr. Njihia says competition has been stiff in the Microfinance industry, but Sumac has stayed relevant and competitive owing to the team’s common ideal in seeking to make the customer happy.

“Our doors are open to you any time and any day,” he says. “Come to us and let’s listen to you and see how we can develop a long lasting solution to the challenges you are facing in the business environment. We are your banking institution of choice.”