Health insurance

Is there any good argument against the fact that your health is your single most important asset in this life? Good health is such a foundational matter in life since without good health, it becomes difficult to achieve any important goal. This simple, yet profound fact is the driving force behind an ever growing health insurance sector not just in Kenya, but the entire world in general.

The benefit plan is divided into primary, vitality and prestige, covering the following costs:

  • Inpatient services costs including hospital and doctor’s costs, cash reimbursement if you pay your own hospitalization expense, post hospital outpatient services such as rehabilitation and home nursing, inpatient psychiatric treatment, pre-existing and chronic conditions not forgetting organ transplant if the need occurs among others
  • Outpatient services costs including general practitioner and specialist fees as well as prescribed medicine and other supporting medical services such as laboratory tests, outpatient surgery, hormone replacement therapy, pre-existing or diagnosed chronic conditions. In addition to this cost of acquiring artificial limbs, emergency assistance, evacuation and repatriation has been included. What’s more, prescribed alternative treatments costs like osteopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic, and homeopathy among others are covered as long as they are done by registered practitioners
  • Maternity costs for both natural and caesarean (whether elective or non-elective) deliveries in a registered hospital, as well as infertility treatment for patients under 40 years and trying for the first time
  • Dental costs including routine dental treatment, major restorative dental treatments, teeth whitening and adult orthodontic work after age 16
  • Optical treatments costs including costs of glasses, frames, contact lenses, lasik surgery & lens implants
  • Emergency assistance, evacuation and repatriation expenses including round trip airfare and accommodation for your spouse or next of kin in the event of hospitalization lasting more than 5 consecutive days, repatriation of mortal remains, compassionate visit in case of death of a close family member, second medical opinion and dispatch of medicines unavailable locally

These products are underwritten by leading insurance firms and sold by Sumac Insurance Agency Limited [SIAL].