What we cover

We shall cover you against the following:

  1. Accidental loss or damage to own vehicle arising out of Impact damage or collision, overturning, Fire damage and/or Theft of whole or part of vehicle
  2. Third Party Liabilities – legal liabilities arising out of ownership or use including Damage to property belonging to other people-vehicle, buildings, Death or injury to pedestrians or public and/or Death/ injury to passengers – passengers’ legal liability
  3. Emergency Medical Expenses to driver or passengers or pedestrians following an accident
  4. Damage to vehicle in custody of motor trader or other service providers
  5. We shall follow through the Settlement of claims arising from third party Bodily injury and third party property damage
  6. This motor insurance includes provision of an alternative vehicle for use in case the insured is involved in an accident and it’s in the garage
  7. Our auto insurance takes care of any expenses incurred in processing claims, including having an advocate appointed represent you in court for third party claims

Optional benefits

We offer the following optional benefits at an additional premium:

  • Personal Accident to the Insured person only
  • COMESA Extension
  • Road Rescue
  • Excess Protector
  • Towing & Recovery
  • Radio Cassette Extension
  • Windscreen/Window Glass Extension