There are three different types of accounts from which customers choose the most suitable account for their needs at Sumac Microfinance Bank Ltd.

They include:
1. Savings accounts.
2. Fixed deposits accounts.
3. Current accounts.

1. Savings accounts

It is suitable for small savers. A smaller amount is required to open a savings account than a fixed deposit account. Withdrawal can be done as many times as possible but with a weekly maximum limit. The interest earned is usually lower. It is a running account and a pass book is given to account holders.

2. Fixed deposits accounts

Large amounts of money are required to open them. Withdrawals can only be made after an agreed period of time. The interest earned is higher and the deposits may be used as collateral or security for a loan. A certificate of deposit is issued.

3. Current accounts

Current account holders are issued with cheques to enable them make payments without using cash.