How to make your claims

In the event of a motor vehicle accident, damage or theft to your car, take the following steps to make a claim:

  1. You must report to us any accident, injury, loss or damage involving your vehicle(s) as soon as is reasonably possible.
  2. If the vehicle[s] is/are lost or damaged as a result of theft, attempted theft or malicious damage, you must immediately make a report to the police and obtain a police report [abstract].
  3. You must also inform us immediately you become aware of any current or future prosecution or proceedings in connection with any event for which there may be any liability under this policy. You can call us on:+254 701 283 203/ +254 725 223 499, or by emailing us at or you can visit us at the branch nearest to you.
  4. Any correspondence relating to any incident should be sent to us immediately and unanswered. We will be entitled to take over and carry out in your name the defense or settlement of any claim. We may also prosecute in your name to recover any amounts we have paid. You will be obligated to co-operate with us on the recovery process and if you fail to do so the company will be at liberty to recover the outlay from you.
  5. When you make a claim, we will be entitled to instruct and give information relating to the claim to other people such as lawyers, investigators, loss assessors, garages and we expect you to give them all the necessary co-operation.

Required documents

The following documents are required for each category of claim as below listed:

  • Motor accident claim
    1. Duly completed claim form
    2. Police abstract report
    3. Copy of driver’s license noting when test passed
    4. Copy of drivers license noting that license is valid at the time of the claim
    5. Copy of the log book
    6. Statement form
    7. Declaration form
  • Motor Theft claim
    1. Duly completed motor theft claim form
    2. Police abstract report
    3. Copy of drivers license [if applicable]
    4. Copy of the log book
  • Car Audio/Visual Equipment
    1. Motor Theft claim form duly completed
    2. Original replacement receipt
  • Windscreen claim
    1. Duly completed windscreen claim form
    2. Original replacement receipt
    3. One Photograph before and after


The following claims will be investigated as soon as reported by the investigator:

  1. All cases of theft of motor vehicle or motorcycle.
  2. All cases of third party personal injury.