Mortgage Protection

Sumac Insurance Agency Ltd, through leading Insurance firms in Kenya offer mortgage protection arranged on a yearly renewable or single premium basis for lenders to specifically protect the families of the deceased mortgagor from the risk of the lender reselling their home in the event of the untimely death or disability of the breadwinner. This cover provides the same benefit as for credit life.

Key benefits

Riders are benefits that complement your plan and offer additional benefits at a relatively low cost. The riders include:

1] Total and Permanent Disability:

Where an amount equal to the death benefit sum assured will be paid to you in the event that you become permanently and totally disabled as a result of illness or accident.

2] Critical Illness:

If a member contracts a specified critical illness for the time (the first diagnosis). The specified illnesses are cancer, kidney failure, Paraplegia, heart attack for the first time in their life, Stroke, Coronary artery bypass surgery and major organ transplant. 30% of the accepted group life sum assured subject to an upper limit range of between Kshs. 1 to Kshs. 12 million will be payable. On subsequent death 70% or 100% will be payable to the next of kin depending on whether the benefit is stand-alone or accelerated.

3] Group Disability Income Insurance:

This rider Compensates for lost income during the disability period. The employer chooses the maximum period for disability benefit payment either 2 years, 5 years or up to normal retirement age.

4] Temporary Total Disability:

This benefit is payable if a member becomes wholly but temporarily incapacitated by bodily injury following his usual occupation hence unable to earn an income. The benefit payable is the actual weekly earnings for periods ranging between 1 to 2 years.

5] Medical Reimbursement:

This rider compensates for medical bills spent by the insured up to the agreed limit.