Property Insurance

This provides indemnity to business premises, contents and stocks against loss or damage to property caused by;

  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Political violence & terrorism
  • All risks

This policy is ideal for property developers, industrial companies with respect to their plant and machinery, general contents, office equipment and stocks in trade.

  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • This policy provides coverage to your electronic equipment against sudden mechanical and electrical breakdown, faulty material and design, lightning, over voltages and unforeseen physical damage.

Benefits to the Insured

  • We shall provide Coverage for theft of your insured property following forcible entry and exit from premises
  • We shall provide Coverage for damage to the insured property during theft or attempted theft
  • We will provide Coverage for theft consequent upon threat of immediate violence or violence intimidation
  • You will be eligible for a discount if the loss ratio is very low and if have hired a 24 hour watchmen for your business premises


  • We will require a duly completed and signed proposal form from you
  • Company certificate of registration
  • PIN certificate for the company
  • List of items to be insured and their values
  • Location of the business premises
  • For you to take up this policy we will require you to take up the Fire and special perils cover


  • Property damage claim form to be filled by the insured
  • Police abstract
  • Pro-forma invoice, quotation, purchase receipt or replacement receipts of the similar items stolen
  • Inventory of the items stolen/damaged
  • Written statement by the insured and any witness available