Nafaka Biashara Loan

Loan Purpose:

Nafaka Biashara loan is an agriculture product which is tailored to supply finances to farmers who are facing collateral constraints. It is able to accommodate a number of agricultural activities involving cereals like wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, millet, barley, beans, coffee etc.

The Loan is meant to help farmers meet their post-harvest credit needs;

  • Enables the farmer to wait until the time they are sure to realize the best price for their produce.
  • Purchase of seed and farm implements, land preparation and land leasing

The loan is available to all business persons involved in transportation and distribution of goods, specialized services like construction, sinking bore holes, car hire, farmers etc.

Loan Size [Min. – Max.]:

Ksh5,000 – Ksh5,000,000

NB: Above Ksh500,000 must be fully secured with other conventional collaterals.


  • Stock Insurance Cover – Stock insurance facility for stocked commodities
  • Warehouse receipt from the cereals board [Original]
  • A duly signed verification form indicating authenticity of the warehouse receipt [signed and stamped by an authorized officer of the concerned cereals board]
  • Signing of the verification form should be witnessed by a commissioner for oath

Access Requirements:

  • Existence of On-going cereals farming activity for at least three seasons
  • Two previous consecutive warehouse receipts
  • Open Sumac savings/current account 6 months Certified bank statement
  • ID and PIN copies
  • 2 passport size photos [color]
  • Lease agreement of the land if leased or copy of the title deed if owned
  • Evidence of other income generating activity

Processing Time:

Approval within 48 hours