Motor Insurance

We value your car as much as you do. Accidents happen. Your car could get damaged or you may end up losing it through theft. If you value this investment, why not protect it? Our motor insurance contains options for you, for both your private and motor commercial vehicles.

Our comprehensive car insurance covers any type of motor vehicle against accidental damage or overturning, loss or damage by fire and theft, malicious damage, perils of nature e.g.  floods, earthquake, storms, hurricanes and third party liabilities – which provides indemnity to the insured for death or bodily injuries to third-parties and/or passengers; and damage to property belonging to third-parties.

The following are also covered under the car insurance at an additional premium;

  1. Accessories –These include windscreen and Radio cassettes. We will indemnify you against theft of accessories where declared
  2. On request we will provide an Excess protector cover– This means no excess payable in the event of a claim for all material damage claims
  3. We will provide you on request a Political violence, terrorism & sabotage
  4. We will provide you with a-Courtesy car while your car is undergoing repairs in the garage