Marine Insurance

Marine Insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, and any transport or property by which cargo is transferred, acquired, or held between the points of origin and final destination.

When moving valuable cargo on sea, air or land you need the assurance that you’re protected from any loss should anything happen to the vessel.

1] Marine Cargo Insurance

Our Marine cargo policy covers risks of loss or damage from accidental causes such as sinking, stranding, fire, collision, sea water, heavy weather, contact, explosion, damage during discharge or loading and special charges incurred at the point of distress and a wide range of other perils.

It provides Loss of or damage to property of the client [including legal liabilities for general average and salvage where applicable] whilst in transit by means of the conveyances specified within the geographical limits and conditions specified in the policy.

We will provide Marine Cargo Insurance policy provides cover against loss or damage for goods being transported by either sea or air and incidental land transportation. Our Marine policies can either be single voyage policies or annual policies.

2] Marine Hull Insurance

Equally, our Marine Hull Insurance covers Loss of or damage to the insured craft, her machinery, gear and equipment whilst within the Republic of Kenya ashore or afloat or in transit by road or by rail.

Third Parties and Passengers claims, but excluding fare paying Passengers, legally liability to pay for death or injury to persons or damage to their property including damage to piers, wharves and jetties and the cost of any attempted or actual raising removal or destruction of the wreck of the Insured Craft.


  • Period of cover
  • Nature of goods
  • Sum insured-value of goods
  • Mode of packaging of the goods
  • Mode of transportation Sea/Air
  • The voyage-route
  • Port of loading
  • Port of discharge
  • Transshipment allowed?
  • Whether Ware house to Warehouse to be arranged

Claim Procedure

  1. A Duly completed Claim form.
  2. Original certificate/cover note.
  3. Original Bill of lading/Airway Bill.
  4. Supplier’s invoice.
  5. Packing List.
  6. Port examination voucher
  7. Import declaration form
  8. Port Release order
  9. Defective package Receipt
  10. Inland Carriers delivery receipt Notes at final destination.
  11. Copies of correspondence from our clients/their agents regarding liability exchanged with; Ships Agents, Inland carriers or the Kenya Ports Authority.

Target group

Our marine policy is ideal for; Importers, manufacturers, traders, motor vehicle importers and all other individuals and businesses that occasionally import raw materials or stocks of finished products for resale.

The policy is mandatory for importers who seek Guarantees in form of LC’S from banks.