General Insurance Products

General insurance or non-life insurance includes motor, property, medical and homeowners policies. These policies provide payments depending on the loss from a particular financial event. General insurance is typically defined as any insurance that is not determined to be life insurance.

Life is filled up with excitement. But at the same time it is full of risks. Some uncertainties and unexpected events can really put you down.

General Insurance or Non-life Insurance helps you to safeguard yourself and the things around, which you value a lot. These may include your home, car and other valuables like money lending, professional casualties other than death, etc. These valuables carry a lot of financial risks. Therefore, General Insurance Plans provide financial protection from the impact of fire, storm, flood, earthquake, car accidents, theft and other travel accidents. It also covers us from the expenses spent on the legal actions. In short, you have the option to choose the right type of cover and the right type of insurance policy as per your requirements.

The tenure for a general insurance is not like the tenure we have in life insurance. Mostly these types of insurance are yearly contracts.

Do not get confused between Life Insurance and General Insurance. They both cater to different aspects in life. Life Insurance looks after risks of death and its consequences, whereas, General Insurance helps in protecting risks due to other aspects of life and its diverse assets.

They include the following;

  • Home insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Money Insurance
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance
  • Consequential loss Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Plate Glass Insurance
  • Transit of goods
  • Golfers Insurance

These products are underwritten by various leading insurance firms and sold by Sumac Insurance Agency Limited [SIAL].