Sumac wins two awards at the Banking Awards 2021

By: Oliver Owuor

Sumac Microfinance Bank Ltd was declared the winner in two categories at the Think Business Banking Awards 2021, which was held recently in Nairobi.

Sumac was awarded the Most Efficient Microfinance Bank in Kenya, and equally the Winner in Agriculture & Livestock Financing.

While receiving the news, Sumac CEO John Njihia expressed his gratitude to the entire Sumac fraternity for working tirelessly to ensure the Bank’s progress and growth.

“We are truly excited by these two Awards, ” Mr Njihia said. “This is the culmination of dedication and commitment to our goals and objectives, which have been pursued steadily and boldly by our staff and stakeholders.”

Of importance though, Mr Njihia extended a big hand of gratitude to the customers who have made Sumac what it is today as a bank. “We owe our customers for their support, loyalty and investments, for which they have entrusted us to take care of. They are the reason why we thrive today as a bank.”

Sumac previously got an award in the same Banking Awards in the year 2019 when it was declared the winner in Agriculture & Livestock Financing. To get the Award again, and to emerge the Most Efficient Microfinance Bank in Kenya is truly a remarkable achievement by the bank.

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