In light of Covid-19 pandemic, our business hours have slightly changed

Changes in our business hours

We wish to bring to the attention of all our clients, customers and the public at large that our business hours have been reviewed indefinitely, in light of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world.

It is an unfortunate situation, but one which we have to bear with, especially in respect of the Government-declared curfew which requires that all citizens should be indoors by 7pm every single day.

In the foregoing, our business hours are revised as follows;


– Monday to Friday;

Opening hours – 8:30am

Closing hours – 3:30pm



Opening hours – 8:30am

Closing hours – 2:00pm


Sunday and holidays;



We wish to advise all our clients that these hours shall be observed until shall a time that the business environment will change. Any future review of our hours of operation will be communicated effectively to all our clients and the public at large. We wish to profoundly apologize to all those who might be affected by this change. It is our hope that the situation will improve soon.

In the meantime, we request of all our clients to use mobile banking for any transactions, unless it is unavoidable and absolutely necessary that you must visit our branch network. Stay safe and follow the guidelines of the Ministry of health in combating Covid-19.


The Board and Management,

Sumac Microfinance Bank Ltd