Sumac to open yet another branch in Thika Town


Plans are underway to expand Sumac Microfinance Bank’s reach into the market with the proposed establishment of a branch in Thika Town. This follows the opening of the Nakuru branch almost two years ago, and its against the backdrop of a thriving strategic direction for the rapidly growing bank.

Sumac Microfinance CEO John Njihia says this is a necessary move that will ensure Sumac is able to serve most businesses in the greater Central Kenya region, which have been prompting the bank for a branch that is closer to them, and which they can access with ease.

“The Thika branch will mark yet another important milestone for us at Sumac in our quest to expand and grow our reach around the country,” Mr. Njihia says. “We look forward to serving businesses in the region, who are keen to work with a financial partner that takes into account the challenging and emerging needs of their distinctive businesses. We are their bank of choice, and will not disappoint them. We are heeding to their call to set up a branch, and Thika is the preferred location for this exercise.”

Sumac Microfinance Bank Chairman, Mr. Kibatha Njoroge, who is one of the key founders of the bank, believes that Sumac’s forays into this particular region will help the bank reach out to more businesses and to help them grow as it has done with Nairobi, Nakuru, Ngara and Githunguri.

“We have been successful elsewhere because we are a relationship microfinance bank. We help businesses grow, and we do so from a very personal level,” he says. “Thika and its environs will soon take advantage of the services we offer, and we are strongly convinced that our presence in the region will be a step in the right direction in our ongoing relationship with businesses in Kenya.”

The Board has yet to announce the dates for the launch and the opening of the new branch, but Mr. Njoroge says it will happen very soon.

“When we are ready, we will announce this to the public and declare openly that we are open for business in Thika. We urge residences in Central Kenya to join us as we seek for forge an unbeatable alliance to help businesses in the region,” Mr. Njoroge says.