How Sumac came to the aid of businesses in Githunguri


Long before Sumac set foot into Githunguri Town, businesspeople¬†in the area didn’t have the conviction that financial institutions were keen and willing to help them¬†grow. It was a case of lukewarm appreciation of business, which didn’t play into the interest of businesses in Githunguri.

Sumac came onto the scene in 2015, and has since heavily tilted the balance in favor of business in the area, particularly the farmers who work tirelessly to grow their agribusinesses. Has it been an easy journey? Perhaps not. It took Sumac a bit of time before the bank could establish itself as a credible financial institutions in the area.

Right at the onset, Sumac deployed the bank’s Business Development Manager, Philip Kimani, as the Branch Manager, to kick-start the aggressive process of endearing locals to the bank. Philip Kimani took the challenge in stride and did his homework. In consultation, collaboration and in a united front with all key members of the board and management, Philip and the team deployed at Githunguri branch went about marketing the branch and Sumac Microfinance Bank at large.

“It wasn’t an easy task establishing the new branch in Githunguri since infrastructure isn’t as developed as is the case with a major city like Nairobi. It took a while before we could get our first clients,” Mr. Kimani says. “But once we had settled on an aggressive marketing rhythm, our efforts as a team began to pay off. One by one, clients began streaming in and since then we haven’t looked back.”

As the new branch on the fold, Githunguri had to rise up to the occasion, and for sure it didn’t disappoint. It attracted farmers, small businesses and SMEs, and before long, it had become an important landmark in Githunguri. The branch is rapidly expanding, and more clients from far-flung areas are gradually turning Sumac Microfinance Bank Githunguri branch their bank of choice.

“We have particularly come here to help empower businesses at large,” Mr. Kimani says. “That is why most of our products and activities have tended to lean towards the growth of businesses in any area of interest. We look forward to supporting businesses in the Central region at large, and are determined to ensure businesses here can grow.”

Most businesses in Githunguri are turning to Sumac Microfinance Bank, having realized Sumac is a friend they can count on to help them grow. They previously may not have had a reliable and dependable financial institution, but now they have Sumac Microfinance Bank.

“We are here to stay and to make a statement that the business of each and every enterprise here is our business,” Mr Kimani says. “We will give them every financial tool and support they need to reach their desired business destination, and we intend to do that without wavering in our commitment because they have given us their trust and have chosen us as their financial partner of choice.”