How Rose Njau acquired 30 dairy cows through Sumac Microfinance Bank

By: Oliver Owuor

Githunguri town in Kiambu County, Kenya, is synonymous with one thing: dairy farming. The residents of Githunguri have been doing this trade for years, and the results are impressive. But dairy farming is not for the faint-hearted. It calls for dilligence and complete dedication to the work.

Sumac Microfinance Bank media team caught up with one of its budding dairy farming clients, Rose Njeri Njau, who has exceptionally grown her dairy business from three years ago when she stepped foot into Sumac Microfinance Bank. She began with one cow, then five, and now, she has 30 of them! This is a feat that could only be possible with the help of a financial partner who understands the complex business of dairy farming.

In this interview, she tells her story vividly, the imagination of her journey coming into life, and the eventually success that she embodies. It has taken quite an effort, and that is why Sumac opted to share her story here. Follow this link to understand what it means to be a dairy farmer in Githunguri town;

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