Mr John Kibatha Njoroge is the vision carrier of Sumac Microfinance Bank (SMB). As a founding director and chairman of the board since the inception of the bank in 2004, Mr Njoroge has continuously provided the prerequisite strategic leadership that has seen SMB steadily expand from a small micro lender to a fully fledged microfinance bank.
Mr Njoroge strongly believes and adheres to the tenets of corporate governance that are essential in the growth of SMB. Despite being the vision carrier and offering strategic leadership, he is a team player who acknowledges that all the directors, employees and stakeholders have important roles to play in the growth of the bank.
As an astute entrepreneur and businessman, Mr Njoroge’s ambition is to steer SMB to greater heights with the ultimate goal being to ensure that SMB becomes the leading microfinance bank in Kenya. This goal is anchored on the basis that microfinance is a vital tool in poverty eradication and job creation. Effectively, Mr Njoroge is committed to steer SMB to be the preferred financial partner for individuals and small enterprises in their growth journey. By empowering small enterprises, SMB will become a catalyst in socio-economic transformation in Kenya.
As a strong crusader of microfinance as a tool for socio-economic transformation, Mr Njoroge appreciates the role of strategic partnerships with like-minded individuals and development partners in tapping more people into the formal financial services sector. It is for this reason that his aspiration is to lead SMB and ensure that it becomes a strong and formidable bank with systems and structures that can withstand business shocks, well-capitalized and with the right talent.
An accountant by profession, Mr Njoroge has vast experience in the business world cutting across management consultancy, private practice, the corporate world and entrepreneurship. A believer in the virtues of hard work, focus and integrity, Mr Njoroge honed his skills at the Central Glass Industries Limited, a subsidiary of East African Breweries Ltd where he worked for 10 years and rose through the ranks to the position of Finance and Administration Manager before retiring in 2000.
Upon retiring he ventured into private practice and established K Njoroge & Company, a private accounting practice where he is the Managing Partner. Mr Njoroge decided to venture into private practice with the sole aim of helping companies, particularly medium enterprises, adopt a culture of proper accounting and bookkeeping, something that is vital in accessing credit and attracting equity investors to spur their growth. As an entrepreneur, Mr Njoroge is involved in various ventures that employ many and thus offer them the opportunity to lead decent lives.
Mr Njoroge’s skills are backed by strong professional training and academic credentials. Over the years, he has attended several professional trainings in areas like corporate governance, strategic leadership, human resource, accounting among others. A holder of a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Nairobi and an MBA in Strategic Management from Moi University, Mr Njoroge is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK).
Despite being involved in various ventures, Mr Njoroge is an ardent believer in philanthropy and the importance of giving back to society. For him, the essence of a fulfilling life is helping others succeed. This is why he is committed to helping the less privileged in society in various ways including seeing many through school to help transform their lives. Over the years, he has helped many young people break from the yoke of vicious cycle of poverty.