Sumac Microfinance Bank was established in 2002 by a group of 14 investors who initially formed an investment group to help chart out a better future for themselves. Later on in 2004, the institution opened its doors to the public as Sumac Credit Ltd with a mission to empower businesspeople who couldn’t match the stringent loan requirements by commercial banks.

A few years later, we transitioned into a microfinance institution and upon the enactment of the Microfinance Act in Kenya. Subsequently, we applied to the Central Bank of Kenya for a license to operate as a Deposit-Taking Microfinance bank [DTM], upon which we were duly granted the license in 2012.

We have since become key players in the micro-finance sector, and have a successful history of disbursing loans to businesses that have become a remarkable story of exceptional achievements.

We have gained exemplary reputation in the market place, and our products have become easily accessible banking facilities that will remain the hallmark of reliability and dependability in as far as building business enterprises is concerned.

Over the years, we have developed a broad range of product offering which include various accounts, loan products, Forex, Trade Finance and Bancassurance. In 2018, Sumac was Awarded at the Annual Think Business Banking Awards as the 2nd Fastest Growing Microfinance Bank in Kenya. Later on in 2019, we were recognized at the same Awards as the top Microfinance Bank in Agriculture and Livestock Financing. We have won other awards in various industries, and we hope to continue putting our best foot forward in the Kenyan market.

Sumac began with a branch on Park Road, Ngara, in Nairobi. Later on, the bank opened a branch on Koinange Street at Nginyo Towers as demand for the bank’s services increased. In recent years, the bank has been able to set up other branches in Githunguri, Nakuru and Thika, and by 2020, plans were underway for more branches across the country with targeted entries into the North Rift, Central Kenya, Mombasa and Western Kenya. Our expansion will continue in coming years in a strategic manner, as we seek to meet the needs of our clients from our across the country.

We continue to serve in the Kenyan market as a business-leaning bank. Our focus on serving businesses is driven by the fact that business enterprises are the back born of our economy. To support businesses means to support the entire economy of Kenya. Our promise is always to keep offering the best financial services to businesses across the country, and we will do so with commitment, dedication and efficiency.

Are you a businessperson who seeks to take your business to the next level? Have you had trouble obtaining a viable loan from financial institutions? Well, your dilemma comes to an end when you pay us a visit in any of our branches. Our team is ready to assist you break the barriers and scale new heights in your quest for success.

In a world that has become a challenging and harsh environment for businesses, we will stand with you. When all seems too difficult and there’s no money coming your way, you can depend on us. When business seems to be creeping slowly but gradually to a standstill, you can look to us for a timely and practical financial solution. We have your back, and will gladly hold your hand through trying business times.

We are your reliable, dependable and easily accessible financial solution provider. The success of your business enterprise is our success; that is why we are in the marketplace to empower you to achieve your business dreams.

When you require prompt, flexible and efficient financial services in a friendly environment, then come to Sumac Microfinance Bank. We will meet all your financial needs effectively. Our motto is, “Prompt Service, Our Key Priority.”