Sumac commended for service to Thika Children’s Rescue Centre

The government, through the Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection has commended Sumac Microfinance Bank for its support to the Thika Children’s Rescue Centre over the years.

Sumac Microfinance Bank has been supporting the Thika Children’s Rescue Centre with funding for various activities, alongside offering logistical support to ensure the institution runs smoothly. And the government has lauded Sumac Microfinance Bank for this important undertaking, and seeks to strengthen ties in years to come.

“We cannot fail to recognize invaluable services you have given us in the past, and the annual celebrations you organize and fund,” the statement from the State Department for Social Protection read in part.

Mr. Michael W. Mbogo, who is the Manager in charge of Thika Children’s Rescue centre, also recognized Sumac’s recent placement of teachers into the institution, a voluntary service that has since seen standards of learning improved at the centre.

“We lack words fit to express our gratitude to you,” Mr. Mbogo said in the letter addressed to Sumac Microfinance Bank.

Sumac Microfinance Bank is committed to a strong CSR programme to ensure it gives back to the community. “We will continue to support programmes that we believe will be beneficial to the community at large. It is our commitment, and our joy to do so. That is what sets us apart as Sumac Microfinance Bank,” says Mr. John Njihia, the CEO of Sumac Microfinance Bank.