Sumac introduces new attractive banking products

Sumac Microfinance Bank has most recently introduced new banking products that have been approved by the Central Bank of Kenya. These products are already available in the market, and will go a long way in helping Sumac meet the growing demands of its clientele.

The products include;

1. Bridging Loan

This is to help enterpreneurs meet their demanding needs in business without necessarily affecting their cash flow. The loan is available to Business persons involved in supply of goods and services e.g. LPOs,LSOs transportation and distribution of goods, payment for licences, specialized services like, sinking bore holes, car
hire, farmers ,etc.

2. Nafaka Biashara loan

Nafaka Biashara loan is an agriculture product which is tailored to supply finances to farmers who are facing collateral constraints; able to accommodate a number of agricultural activities involving cereals like wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, millet, burley, beans, coffee etc. It targets all business persons involved in transportation and distribution of goods, specialized services like construction, sinking bore holes, car hire, farmers,etc

This Loan is meant to help the farmers meet their post-harvest credit needs;
• Enables the farmer to wait until the time they are sure to realize the best price for their produce.
• Purchase of seed and farm implements, land preparation and land leasing

3. Kawi loan

Kawi loan is a clean energy product which is meant to help individuals access clean energy equipment and
installation. These equipment are; cooking stove,biogas,solar panel,KPLC installation ,generator installation etc.

The loan product targets Dairy farmers for biogas, light industries for PKLC installations, micro client for cooking stoves etc

4. Overdraft facility

This is a facility designed to help customers manage their business cash flows, meet their LSOs, LPOs and other urgent business needs. It is available for Tenderprenuers, Farmers,traders, contractors ,suppliers etc.

Visit any of our branches countrywide for more information, or visit our products section on this website for a detailed brief.