Sumac CEO’s Statement to customers on global Coronavirus pandemic

March 23, 2020,

Sumac CEO’s Statement to customers on global Coronavirus pandemic

The current Covid-19 Coronavirus global pandemic is ravaging economies at a degree not witnessed since WWII. Kenya is not any different, and we continue to register new cases of infections since the first reported case a few days ago.

This infectious disease has forced businesses and communities to drastically reorganize themselves, and to change their normal lifestyles. We can no longer interact freely as we often did before; not at business, friendship or family level. Learning in all our education institutions has stopped, and all religious gatherings have been suspended. Even social gatherings are no longer allowed.

The Government has since taken tough measures to help curb further spread of the virus, including banning all gatherings, meetings and events, as well as issuing tough guidelines on travel.

As Sumac, we take seriously the fact that our employees, customers, families, shareholders and all stakeholders are all exposed to the risk of contracting the virus. However, I’d like to assure our customers and staff at Sumac Microfinance Bank that we have your interest at heart, and therefore we have taken precautionary measures to keep you safe and to ensure you transact conveniently.

We have outlined the following measures in line with Government directive to ensure the safety of our staff and customers;

  • We would like to encourage our customers to make preference for digital and mobile banking in order to minimize risks. You can transact using our normal M-Pesa Paybill to deposit or withdraw money, including transactions involving cheques.
  • We have ensured all our premises have hand sanitizers at the entry points for your use. We have also increased frequency of cleaning of all our premises by disinfecting surfaces and contact areas frequently. We wish to advise that we practice social distancing whenever using the banking facilities.
  • We are currently adhering to all Government directives on measures to stop the spread of the virus. Adherence to personal hygiene, the washing of hands with soap and running water as well as complying with travel restrictions are now part and parcel of our rules of engagement. We encourage all our customers to do the same.
  • We also encourage all our customers to report suspicious Coronavirus cases to the Government by using the toll-free number 719.
  • For any further inquiries from the bank, you can reach us through our call center on 0725 233 499.

We recognize that this is a difficult time for everyone and we remain committed and responsive to your needs. Our management team is closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds and will update all of us if need be. We also hope the situation will soon be contained to allow us to go back to our normal lives. In the foregoing, allow us to express our profound gratitude to you for continuing to support us tirelessly as we seek to deliver exceptional services to you all the time. God bless you all. May you keep safe at all times.


Yours sincerely,


John Njihia

CEO, Sumac Microfinance Bank