Sumac CEO: There’s hope long after covid-19

Sumac CEO: There’s hope long after covid-19

By SUMAC Media Team

Optimism is realism. That may be a hard concept to embrace in the middle of a rapidly worsening global pandemic and a crushing economic crisis. But history shows it is the right one. In fact, without that point of view, there very likely would not be any history at all.

It is obvious that businesses across the world will have it rough during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. But for all intents and purposes, we must believe that we will survive and come through it all much stronger and ready for a brighter economy.

“That doesn’t take away the fact that things might get worse before they can get better,” says Sumac Microfinance Bank CEO John Njihia. “The reality of the situation is that we are dealing with the unknown. The pandemic could get worse, or could even drag for longer. But our hope is that it won’t.”

Mr. Njihia is optimistic though, that we will survive the pandemic and pull through. “I see hope long after Covid-19 is gone. I see businesses rising to the challenge and pushing limits as they recover,” he says. “Let’s brace ourselves, but stay hopeful that we will emerge stronger in the end. We didn’t anticipate this turn of events, but it is here with us, and it may just alter the way we do business from now on.”

Mr. Njihia urges everyone to hold on strong, and have the faith that the situation will improve once the virus is tamed. He is sympathetic to businesses – especially the small and medium sized enterprises – because they are bearing the brunt of pandemic more than anyone else. Families too, are having it rough with dwindling resources that are fast drying up.

“I can feel the pain of everyone struggling to make ends meet,” he says. “Businesses are fighting a gigantic battle that seems too monstrous to overcome. But we will brave it all and come out with victory. The pandemic will be contained, and we will come out tougher and stronger to build a new economy and to thrive in our businesses.”

Mr. Njihia has a few words of encouragement to everyone in the country: “Do not give up no matter how hard and difficult the situation is. Persevere and hold on tight. We will overcome in the end. Look for help where it can be found, and stay positive all through, regardless of the adversity of this situation. We must survive, and we will survive.”

In the meantime, let us continue adhering to the Government’s directives of social distancing, staying at home, sanitizing our hands always, frequently washing hands with running water and soap for at least 20 seconds, wearing masks in all public places etc.