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Sumac Board’s unwavering commitment to the bank’s cause

The Sumac Microfinance Bank Board of Directors has worked tirelessly for the last 18 years to grow a multi-billion banking empire that is rapidly moving towards a promising future. But the story has never been a rosy engagement, with directors having to burn the midnight oil over the years to ensure the bank grows. The […]

Sumac Chairman: How we started the bank with Ksh500,000

The Chairman of Sumac Microfinance Bank, Mr. Kibatha Njoroge has detailed how Sumac Microfinance Bank was formed almost 18 years ago by a team of investors who had been retrenched, and who needed a redemption path into the future. In an interview with the Sumac Media team, Mr. Kibatha Njoroge explains how the founders of […]

Vacancy for Business Development Manager at Sumac

Sumac Microfinance Bank is hiring again! BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER (BDM) PURPOSE OF THE ROLE Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the role holder will work closely with the Senior Management and Branch Managers to drive business growth, innovations and development. This position directly supports the Branch managers, Relationship officers, Customer service officers to identify, develop […]

Dealing with dwindling income during COVID-19

Dealing with dwindling income during COVID-19 By Sumac Media TEAM You may be worried about falling into financial difficulties during this difficult Covid-19 period. For example, if your income drops due to coronavirus restrictions or you incur unexpected expenses, you may find you don’t have enough to cover your usual outgoings. Sumac Microfinance Bank CEO […]

Sumac: Beware of fraudsters using our Bank’s name

Sumac Microfinance Bank Ltd has issued an urgent alert to its customers and the public at large to beware of fraudsters using the bank’s name to defraud them. This follows an incident over the weekend of May 23, 2020, in which a suspected conman began a racket to steal from Kenyans using an account opened […]

In the end, we shall win this war

In the end, we shall win this war By Sumac Media TEAM The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has threatened the whole world. Started in China, the pandemic has expanded its footprint across the globe in a short period of time. This rapidly increasing outbreak has induced governments around the world to take strict preventive […]

Strategy is critical during pandemic

Strategy is critical during pandemic By Sumac Media TEAM The news is dominated by details of the COVID-19 pandemic. New, conflicting information is available daily. The number of confirmed cases continues to grow, as does the number of countries affected. The impacts on human health and the ultimate scale of the crisis are still being […]

A survival plan for small businesses during Covid-19 pandemic

A survival plan for small businesses during Covid-19 pandemic By SUMAC Media Team There’s no doubt that small businesses will be the hardest hit from the current COVID-19 pandemic. The bigger businesses have a better chance of surviving; however, small businesses tend to live only with a few months of cash flow (at most), so […]