Sumac Board’s unwavering commitment to the bank’s cause

The Sumac Microfinance Bank Board of Directors has worked tirelessly for the last 18 years to grow a multi-billion banking empire that is rapidly moving towards a promising future. But the story has never been a rosy engagement, with directors having to burn the midnight oil over the years to ensure the bank grows. The […]

How Rose Njau acquired 30 dairy cows through Sumac Microfinance Bank

Githunguri town in Kiambu County, Kenya, is synonymous with one thing: dairy farming. The residents of Githunguri have been doing this trade for years, and the results are impressive. But dairy farming is not for the faint-hearted. It calls for dilligence and complete dedication to the work. Sumac Microfinance Bank media team caught up with […]

Sumac Chairman: How we started the bank with Ksh500,000

The Chairman of Sumac Microfinance Bank, Mr. Kibatha Njoroge has detailed how Sumac Microfinance Bank was formed almost 18 years ago by a team of investors who had been retrenched, and who needed a redemption path into the future. In an interview with the Sumac Media team, Mr. Kibatha Njoroge explains how the founders of […]